Traditional plastic pallet disadvantages:

The traditional plastic pallet is composed of one piece. In case it gets broken or fractured it will be corrupted and no longer of use.

Unlike pallet in which you can replace the broken piece at ease without having to replace the whole pallet.

Pallets have many size but the most common ones are:

  • 120x80 cm
  • 120x100 cm
  • 120x120 cm

So forth every warehouse has to provide a variety of those sizes in its storages which leads to space and money waste without any real profit.

While with pallets you don’t need multiple sizes because you can assemble the size you need by using 4 or 5 pallets to reach the size you need.

If you need to store 2400 of the traditional plastic pallet size 120x120 cm, then you will need 192 square meter at the height of 2.5m.

While with pallets you can store the same amount of pallets at 26 square meter at the same height. Because of unique engineering which allows the pallets to overlap with each other.

The weight of the traditional plastic pallet is very heavy. For example: a 40 foot container can carry 22 traditional pallets and the weight of the pallets on its own will be 330 kg.

While pallets are very light to save you the cost of the shipping. The same amount of pallets will be at half the weight. On the other hand the workers who carry the traditional pallets are day long will have backaches due to its heavy weight. While with pallets the job will be a lot easier.